Possibly one of the most infamous, dangerous motorsports has to be “The Isle of Man TT race”, described by some spectators as “Utterly insane” and notorious for the way the motorcycle riders have to negotiate their way along narrow, public roads all over the Island.  The speeds the racers achieve is often over 300kph and the tiniest mistake or wrong move has the potential for the rider to crash into stone walls, hedges, lamp posts or even the sea!  The harsh reality of this death-defying race is that almost two hundred and fifty people have been killed in the races one hundred- and eleven-years history.

The NASCAR rally held in the USA has been described as literally lots of very powerful but technologically outdated cars going around a track at speeds of up to 320kph.  Racing only inches apart from each other the drivers have to perform death defying feats of skill and bravery to remain in the race. Incredibly popular with spectators, it’s reasoned that the punters watch purely to witness the huge crashes that are pretty much guaranteed to happen at every event.

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Formula 1 motor racing even though it now has a huge safety focus, has to be one of the top four most dangerous motor sports.  In its past history drivers where known to pack a black suit along with their racing overalls, just in case they had to attend the funeral of a fellow driver!  When Jules Bianchi was killed during a race his death brought into sharp focus the need for more safety procedures and stringent checks to be carried out. Tragically it’s been the deaths of top drivers such as Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger who were both killed in Italy back in 1994 to have posthumously helped bring about much needed safety changes. The “Yas Marina Circuit for formula 1 motor racing at the Abu Dhabi F1 Paddock Club is one event that spectators all over the World travel to see.  Web sites such as edgeglobalevents.com/f1-paddock-club/f1-paddock-club-abu-dhabi can help you to organise such a trip if you wish to go.  

The DAKAR Rally originally began in Paris, France and ended in Dakar but in 2009 it shifted base to South Africa due to terrorist threats in Africa.  Spectators and drivers are both at risk in this gruelling rally with serious injuries and fatalities at almost every stage of the desert race. Across massive, rolling sand dunes and pot hole filled dirt tracks, competing in extreme weather conditions the riders take ridiculous risks to try and obtain a good position and ultimately win this race.  Motor sports of all kinds, thrilling to watch and adrenalin filled but incredibly dangerous to participate in! Spectator or competitor it’s a sport that can thrill or kill!