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Best Formula 1 Drivers of All Time

It may be difficult to rank the formula 1 drivers. There are so many factors you can consider! We did that in a simple way. We ranked them according to the number of races they won, period. Although this is the most appealing method, we still have to mention a few details more about each driver. If you are a F1 fan, this is a page for you!

Michael Schumacher – 91 wins

Michael Schumacher is the best F1 driver of all times for most fans, period. Yes, there are plenty of those who don’t like this driver, but most do. During his career he won 91 races, he ended up on a podium 155 times, and collected 1566 points in the whole career. There is no need to mention that he won 7 titles and yes, he still holds the record. Schumacher is the first athlete in the world who became a billionaire.

Schumacher started racing in 1991 at Belgian Grand Prix. At that time he finished 7th. But, the next year, in the same race, he won his first Driver’s Championship title. From there, he rose to the extreme and became the racing driver we all want to be. We all know about the ski accident Schumacher had in Switzerland in 2013. There is not a lot of news regarding his condition now, but we hope he is recovering.

Lewis Hamilton – 84 wins

Lewis Hamilton has 84 wins and he will likely win more times in his career. He won the title 6 times, ended up on the podium 151 times and collected 3431 points. All of these facts and achievements will only grow in the coming future so make sure you’re up to date by visiting sites like Racingsporttalk.com.

Lewis races for Mercedes AMG Petronas racing team and he was the youngest racing driver of all time to win a race. He has been one of the most successful racing drivers in the F1 period. He drove McLaren Senna rides in the 90s and Hamilton was impressed. He even said that the technology, specs, and handling are completely different than today’s cars have.

Ayrton Senna – 41 wins

Ayrton Senna was one of the most interesting drivers of all time. He won 41 races in his career, won the title 3 times, and finished on the podium 80 times. He collected 620 points. He entered this realm of fast cars back in 1984 when he raced at Brazilian Grand Prix and ended up in 17th position. The next year in Portugal he won his first race.

Senna is a synonym for racing drivers. Most professional racing drivers even today and most of his rivals were impressed with his performance and they claim he was the fastest driver in the 90s. You should know that cars he drove in the 90s were extremely difficult to drive and dangerous. In 1993 Senna drove a McLaren MP4/8 racing car, known for extreme capabilities and complicated handling.

Sir Jackie Stewart – 27 wins

Sir Jackie Stewart is a Scottish racing driver who is still known as one of the fastest men on the planet. During his racing career, he won 3 titles, 27 races, 43 podium-positions, and collected 359 points. He started racing way back in 1965 when he ended 6th in the South African Grand Prix. But, the same year he won the World’s Drivers Championship which occurred in Italy.

 Sir Jackie Stewart was known as the best F1 driver from the United Kingdom for a long period of time. The only driver from this country who won more races is Lewis Hamilton and he is on our list as well. He retired in 1973 at the United States Grand Prix, which he wasn’t able to complete due to the accident of his team racing driver.

Juan Manuel Fangio – 24 wins

Juan Manuel Fangio was an Argentinian racing driver from the 30s. He raced the first time in 1938 and won the Grand Prix International. His record for most winnings of the World Championship of Drivers was unbeaten for 46 years. In his career, he won 5 titles, 24 races, was on the podium 35 times, and completed 23 fastest laps.

Juan Manuel Fangio still holds the record for the highest percentage-based winner in the F1. He is also the only Argentinian racing driver who won the Argentinian Grand Prix 4 times. In other words, he is one of the best F1 drivers of all time and he will remain here.


These are the best F1 racing drivers our planet had and still has to offer. They are people who can control a sensitive car at speeds of 350km/h and who love the feeling. They are truly special and we must admire them. Now you know which drivers won most races and most titles.

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