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3 Tips for Choosing a Conceal Carry Holster

Choosing a holster can be time consuming. You want to choose one or more holsters, such as a concealed ankle holster, that conceal and secure your weapon allow you to easily draw your firearm in stressful self-defense situations.


Your holster should be comfortable. For example, women, who have thinner waists and shorter torsos may find holsters worn in certain areas of the waist uncomfortable. Your comfort will determine whether you carry your gun. It will also affect how you move and whether you adjust your firearm frequently.

You may want to sit, drive and wear a holster with your chosen weapon for a period of time to determine whether it is comfortable. If you want to try it out for several days or weeks, consider choosing a manufacturer with a good return policy.

Drawing Capability

Your drawing capability will improve with practice, but your holster should not impede your draw. Therefore, you should test each holster to ensure you can draw it quickly with either hand and that you can get a firm grip because you don’t want to drop your weapon as you try to pull it out.

Also, choose a holster location that is easy to draw from. For example, an ankle holster may be difficult unless you are already on the ground or in a sitting position. However, ankle holsters are great options for backup weapons.


Your firearm should be secure, tight to your body and in the holster. It should not wiggle or move when you move.

Your weapon’s trigger should be covered by your holster. You want to have a strong grip prior to firing your weapon, and covering your trigger will prevent accidental firing when your grip is not secure.

Although retention devices should hold your weapon securely in your holster. However, snaps or safety straps do not improve your security because they increase your required drawing time.

Whether you are choosing your first holster or trying a new carry method, consider spending time testing and moving with your new holster and firearm.

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