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3 Charity Fundraising Ideas

Convincing people to donate to charity does not have to mean calling them in the evenings in the hope that they will open their wallets. People enjoy going out and enjoying themselves doing activities. If they can pay for something that they already like doing while also having a portion of that money donated to a worthy cause, then they are likely to get on board.

  1. Golf Tournament

Provide some extra incentive to an early morning game of golf by offering prizes to individuals or teams with the best scores. Many courses are accustomed to hosting charity events and offer golf tournament contests. Ask around at local businesses to see if anyone is willing to sponsor the event.

  1. Bowling Competition

Give people a chance to dust off their bowling balls and get back in the game by hosting a competition at a local bowling alley. Many venues have packages designed specifically for fundraisers. These can include discounted games for a certain number of people, as well as pizza and beverages. Donations from sponsoring companies can be given out as prizes at the end of the night.

  1. Trivia Night

Gather up the group for a trivia night. Bars that host their own trivia nights can be approached about any fundraising opportunities. If they are interested, they may offer to donate food or drinks to the participants or provide other prizes such as coupons for free items at a future date. Even if the bar does not want to directly participate, everyone should be welcome to attend trivia as hosted at the location, and prizes can be given out privately to the winners.

Hosting a fundraiser can be a lot of work, but it is worth it if everyone involved has a good time and money was raised for a good cause. Just remember to be creative about sponsorships and prizes and find activities that the people attending will want to do.

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