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How To Avoid Being a Boring Dad

In pop culture, dads often get a bad rap. From “dad jokes” to “dad bods,” fathers aren’t always portrayed as the coolest, hippest, most in-the-know member of the family. If you’re a dad who wants to reclaim your role as the master of family fun and the boss of having a ball, here are three activities you can try with your kids.

Register for Youth Activity Programs

There are many outdoor activities youth can participate in. For instance, you can get them enrolled in soccer for kids Phoenix and be the dad who takes them to the practices and cheers at the games. Youth soccer games tend to be something parents and kids can enjoy together.

Play Video Games

This one’s a no-brainer. Children love video games, and a dad can almost never go wrong by picking up a controller and smashing blocks or slaying zombies. Taking an interest in what your kids enjoy doing is a simple way to show you care. Allowing them to be the expert about something by letting them show you how to beat that gnarly final boss can be an excellent confidence boost for your son or daughter.

Read to Each Other

The benefits of reading to your children and having your children read to you are virtually endless. Fostering a love of books in your home not only enhances the bond between children and parents, but it can also help your kids discover themselves, increase their focus and concentration, and improve their emotional health. What’s a more, a story or two before bedtime is a great way to help smaller children settle down and get ready for sleep.

While these activities all have the potential to increase your family’s fun level, the most important thing a dad can do for his children is to be there for them. Whether you’re shooting hoops, reading about Harry Potter, or playing soccer, spending time together is the most powerful tool in your parental arsenal.

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