5 Skills needed by football coaches

Top Football coaches have that something special, and the traits they display are the ones that can help lead their teams to victory. These five traits are seen in all top coaches and others can learn from them and implement them to their advantage.

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Lead rather than follow
While it may sound obvious, a good coach needs to be a natural leader. They must be prepared to go the extra mile, to explore and break boundaries and to push the limits in every area in order to maximise a player’s and team’s full potential. Good coaches must also accept that they have an immense amount of power and they should lead by example and take responsibility for their actions, and those of their team. They should be confident winning, but admit defeat graciously and provide an example to all.
Employ an all round approach
One of the traits that many top coaches have displayed is that of being able to treat athletes not just as sports people, but also as people too. A good coach knows that athletes can only train a certain amount of time per day and that a good leader can also influence the rest of their development.
Practice makes perfect
Practice makes perfect, but perfect practice is also something a good coach should encourage. When putting players drills coaches should ensure they are practised properly, and that each drill is performed at its optimum, creating good habits and affirming the idea of always excelling. A coach also ensures that all players have the necessary Discount Football Kits that you can source from places such as www.kitking.co.uk/ to take part in training sessions in.

Adapt and optimise
Good coaches plan and refine their training programmes to suit individual players. They recognise that not every player is the same, and by tweaking the practice sessions and adapting routines they can capitalise on a player’s strengths and work on their weaknesses. Every training session should provide the optimum environment in which an athlete can thrive, and a good coach will ensure this is the case.
Be prepared
Players who want to be at the top of their game need to be ready not just physically, but mentally too. The top coaches spend a large amount of time on prepping their players to reach their peak in every facet and equip them with the skills they need to cope both on and off the field.