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Formula One – The Three Most Surprising Moments Of 2018

Formula one has fans from around the globe. In the UK, the craze is so much so that there are companies that offer fun f1 corporate entertainment events, making sure that the employees, guests and visitors have bundles of fun.

However, last year’s formula one season was a complete rollercoaster in terms of emotions. Every single mistake made during the races were scrutinised by fans, while everyone’s tempers were running high. Even with all the chaos, there were moments that shone through which were collectively emotional for everyone involved.

One such moment was Fernando Alonso’s last race in formula one. There were very few people who did not want the Spaniard to score a point or who did not tear up a little when the two world champions, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, showcased their respect with a guard of honour before each of the three racers performed a donut on the straight.

There are many surprising moments this season, but there were few others that came as no surprise to anyone. For instance, remember when Racing Point announced Lance Stroll as their driver for 2019, certainly did not make anyone gasp.

Here are some of the top surprising moments of the season.

#3: Sergio Perez on the podium in Azerbaijan

For the past two years, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix has been a constant thrilling affair. Sergio Perez lined up 8th on the grind once and the next time the lights went out, mayhem followed. Another incident was when Esteban Ocon ran into the side of Kimi Raikkonen’s car and the crash resulted in the retirement of the French racer.

Many drivers faced multiple tyre punctures and front wing damages. There was once an episode where a safety car was deployed to remove Ocon’s Force India and Sergey Sirotkin’s punctured Williams, almost had everyone dash into the pits for damage control. Sergio was among them, who was getting his front wing changed and was also given a five seconds penalty for causing a collision with Kimi.

Another time when two Red Bull drivers came together on lap 40, a safety car period bunched up the field. By this time, Perez was running fifth after covering almost ten places. Valtteri Bottas, the race leader, suffered a puncture, thus pushing Perez up to the fourth position. The Mexican driver then seized the moment to pass by Sebastian Vettel, who had flat-spotted his tyres and ended up on the podium.

#2: Max Verstappen and Esteban Ocon colliding in Brazil

The Brazilian Grand Prix started on a good note for Max Verstappen. Levelling up from his fifth position, the Dutch driver was running in second place by the end of lap 10. He had passed Kimi Raikkonen around the outside before he drove past the other Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel and soon enough, Valtteri Bottas was next in line to be overtaken.

After the pit stops, Max easily and steadily cut down the leader Lewis Hamilton had built on him and also caught on and passed the Briton by lap 40. The Red Bull driver was putting all his efforts and was looking in a good form to claim a victory.

However, the danger was not in front of the Mercedes driver but in fact from the backmarker, Esteban Ocon. after getting a new set of tyres, Ocon came out of the pits in front of Max and the blue flags ensured he gave way to the Red Bull driver.

Ocon tried to make use of his new tyres and just then the drivers collided, taking the lead away from Verstappen’s hands. The Frenchman served his penalty for the accident and Max expressed his disappointment after the race when they met at the weighing scales.

#1: Daniel Ricciardo signing with Renault

Daniel Ricciardo was among the few top racers on the grid who was nearing an expiring contract. Red Bull Racing was busy developing the team around Max Verstappen, as they claimed before. They also renewed the Dutch driver’s contract, retaining him till at least 2021.

It was no secret that Daniel was looking for another contract elsewhere, but it was very evident that neither Mercedes or Ferrari were forthcoming with a deal for the Australian driver. Fans had heard rumours about either McLaren and Renault, but nobody took it seriously as there was no reason for Daniel to leave Red Bull for either of those teams.

However, as it turned out, the pitch that the managing director of Renault F1 offered Daniel was enough for him to sign the contract with the French manufacturers. It still left many people astonished. Technically, driving for a factory team is a huge advantage and Renault have had history on their side. Only the upcoming seasons will reveal what is in store for Daniel Ricciardo.

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